ForestPro Manager 7.1.07: Added Sales Summary Pivot Table

by Admin 12. August 2008 09:44
In order to meet our clients demands, we have added pivot tables in all of the modules within the ForestPro Manager except Administration and GIS.  This allows the users to customize tables in order to meet their reporting needs such as cut out analysis.  Once the tables are created, they can then be saved on the server under "my documents".  Each user has his or her own "my documents" folder that allows them to save pivot tables in order to give them the ability to re-link the tables to the database after adjustments or changes have been made.  The attached videos demonstrate how simple a sales cut out analysis can be created and saved.

Sales Pivot Table Demo.swf (529.23 kb)

Opening saved pivot table.swf (173.50 kb)

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8/14/2008 8:49:25 AM

Thresa Henderson

The Pivot Table for all modules has been a great tool for The Forestland Group. Our administrative staff as well as our Directors of Forestland Operations have found this tool to be helpful. Now that a pivot table can be saved and refreshed at a later date makes this tool even more valuable and increases the likelihood that it will be used more often.

Thresa Henderson us

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